Data Centers



Software Platform Architecture for High Efficiency Data Centers

Flash Scale

Transparent speedup of  real world applications up to 10x without any modification. Up to 5x ROI to data centers and cloud resulting from I/O acceleration that is agnostic of hardware, operating system, and application domain. Exquisite balance across latency, throughput, scalability, and manageability.

Cloud Scale

Dramatic reduction in TCO for end customers. Bringing compute and data closer together than ever on dedicated and virtual servers. Petabytes of storage built out of HDDs delivering faster than flash performance. Ubiquitous computing at its highest level of efficiency. Military grade FedRAMP security for your data centers.

Geo Scale

Referential transparency ensures geospatial distribution of data without compromising speed, efficiency, and manageability. Highest level of data security with maximum isolation and minimal overhead. Optimizing data accesses across geographically distributed data centers. Efficiently accelerating data from legacy devices.



Dynavisor TorrentPro™ is a collection of platform software services that transparently manage data from distributed storage and network devices seamlessly amplifying data throughput of applications, facilitating the architecture of highly optimized public, private, and hybrid clouds across multiple geographical locations. Higher application throughput from TorrentPro™ acceleration results in higher scale of integration of data centers bringing around significant boost in ROI. TorrentPro™ further enriches the data centers through RAS features like data replication, data encryption, and disaster recovery.


Working hand in hand with bleeding edge innovators

  • Hyperconverged and Rack Scale Architectures

  • Cloud Services with FedRAMP Security

  • High Density Storage Arrays

  • Accelerated Network Appliances



Innovating data architecture for storage and networking  across multiple dimensions: Latency, Throughput, Capacity, and Scalability


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